"The role of entrepreneurship in the economic development of Albania"
Authors :
Assoc.Professor.Soana Jaupllari( Lecturer in the Department of Economics, Faculty of Economy, University of Tirana, Albania, - soanateka@yahoo.com)
Assoc.Professor.Olta Milova( Lecturer in the Department of Economics, Faculty of Economy, University of Tirana, Albania - oltamilova@hotmail.com)
Abstract :

The economic crisis of 2008-2009, highlighted a number of problems related to the model of growth for Albania. In this period was proved that more than a model of sustainable long-term equilibrium, it was a model of unsustainable consumption. Consequently, the approach of a new economic development profile, based on identifying and promoting sustainable growth factors play an essential role in medium and long term development of economy. In times when fiscal incentives and monetary policy are already used for economic recovery, structural reforms (which facilitate doing business) and development policies seem to be the new engine for the Albanian economy towards promoting competitiveness and growth. In this set of factors, entrepreneurship and its enhancement plays an important role. Firstly, this paper presents the importance of entrepreneurship for economic development. Following, the analysis aims to provide an estimation of the level of entrepreneurship in the Albanian economy, especially in potential sectors such as energy, tourism, agriculture and agro processing, manufacture. Ongoing the analysis in the paper tries to identify the reforms implemented to facilitate entrepreneurship, to improve the business climate and identify the determining factors but also to improve the Foreign Direct Investment clime and their flows. Innovation and technological development are the key factors that directly affect an efficient and productive entrepreneurship.

Key Words :
entrepreneurship economic development structural reforms