"De-Euroisation, Bank of Albania challenge and situation in Balkans Countries"
Authors :
MSc.Blerina Hoxha( Assistant Lecturer at Metropolitan University of Tirana - blerina.hoxha@umt.edu.a)
MSc.Anisa Kadria( Commercial Relationships Manager at NBG Bank Albania - anisa.kadria@nbgal.groupnbg.com)
Abstract :

Abstract The euroisation process in Albania started at the time of the opening of the borders and the launching of the integration procedures of Albania into the European Union. But the time period after the financial crisis and the debt crisis in 2007 put into question the use of the euro. The monetary policy undergone by each central bank gives its effects on the domestic currency. Bank of Albania has begun to undertake the policy of de-euroisation, in such a way to increase the effectiveness of the monetary policy. The high level of loans and deposits in euro, compared to loans and deposits in lek in the last 3 years, has prompted the central bank to enter into this policy. The de-euroisation process has started in other countries in the region, such as Macedonia, Croatia, etc. This paper aims at identifying the costs of de-euroisation in the banking system in Albania, based on: credit portofolio and deposit base, based on comparison and analysis of data. The costs of this process will also be met with the countries of the region, such as Macedonia, Croatia, etc.

Key Words :
de- euroisation euroisation Macedonia albania comparative analysis