"Albania’s Challenges for Accessing the European Market"
Authors :
PhD Candidate.Filip Ruxho( Nestle Sales Director at Agna Group - routzio@gmail.com)
Abstract :

Abstract For the last 25 years, Albania has continued to make strides in its transition from a closed economy to an open-market economy. The country is pursuing aggressively its Euro-Atlantic integration agenda. Albania earned EU Candidate Country status in 2014 and is currently working toward fulfilling EU requirements to begin accession negotiations. Albania’s economy posted strong growth in the 2000s, anyway, growth has slowed since the global financial crisis. The aim of this study was to investigate which industry sector exports the most and to highlight the main partners, also to identify the barriers that each organization sees as impediments. A second aim was to classify these barriers according to each sector. The instrument used was a questionnaire of 50 items and the participants where Albanian organizations (N=163) from different sectors of the economy. Data were analyzed using IBM SPSS Statistics 20. The results indicate that the main three barriers that impede them from exporting are: the lack of planning about exportation, the difficulty of finding new clients in EU and the high levels of the accompanying risk. For 30% of the tradable sector, the difficulty of finding new clients in the European market was considered as one of the most challenging, anyway, it should be noted that only 36% of this sector plans to export in the next 1-3 years. Despite their perception towards barriers, most of the organizations were planning to export in the future. The major limitation of this study is that the questionnaire is self-evaluative and the veracity of their responses is questionable.

Key Words :
Export Barriers albania European Union