"Health status inequality in Albania"
Authors :
PhD candidate.Aseda Banushaj( Lecturer at University of Tirana, Faculty of Economy, Department of Economics - asedabanushaj@gmail.com)
Abstract :

Abstract Nowadays every economy face more and more the problem of the inequality. Not only in income but in their distribution, in the access and quality of public service etc. The inequality in health is evident in every region of the world. The gap is narrower in America and Japan but there is still work to smooth it. In this article we will study inequality in health in Albania in terms of measures of health status and expenditure to narrow the gap. Public spending and policies are powerful instruments for smoothing inequality. The methodology used in this article is that descriptive, comparative, and also a quantitative analysis. Firstly we will present the trend of the infant mortality rate and life expectancy in Albania. Then we will make a comparison with regional and developed countries, and then we will see public/private expenditure in these sector and their impacts. To support the outcomes of the comparative analysis, we realized an analysis of the correlation between life expectancy and some economic and social indicators over the years. The article concludes with recommendations and some key issues that governments should bear in mind when implementing policies to narrow the gap and to improve the economic and social situation.

Key Words :
Health status mortality life expectancy health expenditure public health